Tell the EPA: Turn off the tap on single-use plastics

Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OLEM- 2023-0228

I applaud the EPA's Draft National Strategy to Prevent Plastic Pollution for asserting that the practice of converting plastic waste to fuel or fuel substitutes is not "recycling."

However, I urge the agency to significantly strengthen the proposals on reducing plastic waste, especially from single-use plastics, at the source.

Given that less than 10% of all plastic ever made has actually been recycled, it's clear we need to stop producing so much wasteful plastic in the first place. In order to truly address our country's plastic pollution crisis, it's crucial that the Draft National Strategy to Prevent Plastic Pollution include strong, concrete policies to ensure that fewer single-use items are produced in the first place, and to make plastic producers responsible for reducing their plastic footprint.